2019 NCATC President's Message

I am honored to serve as the NCATC president this year. Being a member of NCATC, and serving on the Board of Directors, have resulted in developing many friendships and connecting with many leaders of Advanced Technology and Workforce Development across the country. Every conference and meeting results in learning something new to implement, or improve, at my College. Attending conferences is a great way to see what our peers are doing, learn best practices and to benchmark our own programs and initiatives; and of course, to have a great time with some terrific people. There is no better way to develop a network of peers that can help you with “what you do”. I hope you will attend our Summer Workshop in Auburn Hills and our Fall Conference in Minneapolis; your organization will definitely benefit from the experience.

I am super excited about a few new initiatives that will bring value to our members in 2019:

  1.  NCATC will be partnering with Harper College to offer a Certificate in Workforce Development that will be a “go to” to learn all about workforce and economic development, building partnerships, and best practices to connect to your industry and community. 
  2. NCATC, and some of our partners, have partnered with AACC and Arconic Foundation to develop the framework for best practices in Industry 4.0. This framework will provide a guide to best practices and certifications that align with the workforce needs in the current smart manufacturing environments that our students will work. 
  3. Membership Assistance Program (MAP) Services continue to be available to help you plan, or improve, your Advanced Technology Centers. More information is available at: https://ncatc.org/member-assistance-program

Please read our Membership Overview on the NCATC website to get a full picture of how your organization can benefit from joining NCATC. And check out our great partners; I am sure you will immediately see the quality folks that we work with daily. If you are not a member, I welcome you to join us. Being a NCATC member has so many benefits to you and your organization! 

Jeff Wyco

2019 NCATC President