NCATC Innovation Award



Advanced technology and manufacturing workforce development are very significant drivers in the strength of a community's economy. Often innovative or creative workforce development methodologies, partnerships with industry, and visionary leadership of educators, administrators, and industry can lead to significant, game- changing advances. NCATC, NOCTI and Nocti Business Solutions (NBS) would like to recognize outstanding workforce development professionals and industry colleagues who make a significant contribution to the education and training of today's advanced technology and manufacturing workforce. The Annual NCATC Innovative ATC Workforce Development Award, sponsored by NOCTI and NBS.

This award represents NCATC's commitment to recognize innovation in Advanced Technology Centers' (ATC) workforce development expertise and game-changing models. The NCATC Innovative ATC Workforce Development Award is designed to recognize ATC-related workforce professionals (instructors, faculty, administrators, industry partners, etc.) that have designed and implemented a significant innovation that has led to technical workforce employment gains, upskilling, or national certification(s) recognized by business and industry. This award is for game-changing ATC initiatives that go beyond the norm.

Guidelines for Submission and Eligibility:

  • Nominations can only be submitted by NCATC community and technical college members, their industry partners, and NCATC Strategic Partners.
  • Nominators must indicate how they are affiliated with an ATC, Strategic Partner and/or Industry Partner.
  • A nominator may only submit one award nomination.


NOCTI is the largest provider of industry-based credentials and partner industry association certifications for technical training programs across the nation. The output reports from these credentials can be used to meet Perkins accountability requirements, to guide data-driven instructional improvement, or to assist with college accreditation. NOCTI provides credible solutions through validated and reliable technical skill assessments that meet the standards of quality for credentialing providers (ISO 17024). NOCTI is also a critical component of CTE teacher certification in approximately half of the United States. 

Nocti Business Solutions (NBS) is a wholly owned subsidiary of NOCTI and was established in 1999 to serve the needs of business and industry in high-stakes competency testing. In addition to serving the needs of business and industry, NBS provides a vital connection between industry and education. NBS' primary products and services include standardized assessments, customized assessment development and delivery, and standard and custom score reporting services for industry, business, military and municipal settings.  As a job skills competency verification company, NBS has extensive experience working with a variety of populations to translate skills-based knowledge into practical work-related gains.

The National Coalition of Advanced Technology Centers is a network of higher education resources that advocates and promotes the use of technology applications that enhance economic and workforce development programs and services.  NCATC is focused on increasing the national awareness of ATCs and their positive impact on America's competitive ability and economic growth, developing and facilitating the exchange of workforce development programs among NCATC members, providing a forum for new and emerging technologies to allow ATCs to develop programs and services that reflect the technological landscape, providing a conduit that allows ATCs to access information to optimally assist in the economic business development of their communities, and ensuring that each member is provided support in its development and evolution as an agent of change within its community.



2018 Recipient


2017 Recipient