Membership Overview

NCATC is an Affiliated Council organization of the American Association of Community Colleges and sits on the Commission for Economic and Workforce Development. NCATC is also a co-sponsor of the annual AACC Workforce Development Institute (WDI) conference.

NCATC holds affiliation with The National Council of Advanced Manufacturing (NACFAM). This entitles all NCATC member institutions to several NACFAM membership benefits, valued at over $1,000 per year.


Providing Value-Added Membership Services

Membership in NCATC provides members with a wide variety of benefits that include:

  • Best  practice access to exemplary models of ATC marketing, administration,  scheduling and program delivery from the top ATCs in the nation.
  • An annual conference that focuses on  current technology programs and provides a forum to network with  business, industry and government leaders. 
  • A summer workshop that immerses you in an operating ATC.
  • A website featuring member contact  information, technology resources, a bulletin board, news and events,  and partnership opportunities.
  • Regular communication with the membership through email, print and online newsletters, and resource exchange.
  • In-depth technical assistance through NCATC's Membership Assistance Program (MAP) for member institutions.
  • Over 20-years experience in NSF-ATE and DOE Grant Evaluations.
  • Access to Strategic Partnerships with national and international companies for advanced technological products and services.