Application for Strategic Partner Membership

Criteria & Categories

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Strategic Partner Criteria

The NCATC Strategic Partner network is comprised of organizations whose mission significantly overlaps and compliments that of NCATC member schools in the areas of education and training, workforce and economic development and emerging technologies skills development.  Our current Strategic Partner members can be viewed on our Strategic Partners Tab.  

The NCATC values the expertise and support that Strategic Partner organizations bring to our network of colleges.   Each of our member colleges operate (or are developing) Advanced Technology Centers focused on programming that addresses the talent needs of our communities.  In that spirit, NCATC seeks strategic partners who also advocate for advanced technology issues, provide software and equipment that help colleges address education and training issues, represent significant industry membership, etc.  

Strategic Partner organizations and NCATC continuously seek ways to add value to this relationship.  Strategic Partners are featured at both the Summer Workshop and Annual Fall Conference and provided an exhibition space to facilitate conversation with conference attendees.  NCATC also welcomes and solicits presentation abstracts for both conferences.  In addition, a Strategic Partner Leadership Council meets with the NCATC Strategic Partner sub-committee at least once annually to review current practices and discuss new opportunities that might provide greater value to both Strategic Partners and NCATC member colleges.  

To promote an ongoing, beneficial relationship between NCATC member colleges and current and potential strategic partners, we offer the following guidelines as suggestions for long term success as a member of the NCATC Strategic Partners:

  • Plan to be an active participant in NCATC events;
  • Build relationships with existing NCATC member colleges and highlight those with other potential colleges who may not already be NCATC members;
  • Articulate the “value proposition” that colleges will recognize by partnering with your organization;
  • Consider “discounted” products or services that might be available to NCATC colleges;
  • Stress “solutions” to economic and workforce talent development initiatives;
  • Utilize the NCATC network to advertise and build audience for webinars.

Note:  These guidelines are offered based on suggestions from our existing Strategic Partner network and their long term tenure with our organization.

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